Starring: Patrick Wilson, Lena Headley, and, Ray Winstone
Directed by" Mora Stephens

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Zipper is brilliant. From the acting, to the story…timely, on point and ultimately one of the scariest films since Leatherface made his visceral introduction. Though, let me be clear, Zipper is not a genre-horror film. It is a superbly played look into Candidate X…and his zipper issues. Yet, really, truly, scrumptiously terrifying.

Ever wonder how exactly an ‘upstanding’ kinda guy, who preaches about the evils of sex-for-money, ultimately becomes a card-carrying member of the Elite Escort Club? Sure ya have. Zipper quietly takes you on the ride. You start in the Tunnel of Love, on to the inevitable Rollercoaster, and Bumper Cars ending in a faux-refreshing (eye-opening stomach-churning) splash of ice-cold filthy water covering your psyche and leaving you in need of a long soothing shower as your canoe hits the plot with a wave of awareness. Zipper is that strong a film.

Of course, the cast helps. And that is to be read as paramount. Come sit a spell with the doe-eyed, sneaky, ruthless, and simply driven with the need for power – a helluvan evening’s viewing. Patrick Wilson is stellar. Lena Headley does a wonderful spin on the “gotcha”. And, Ray Winstone, per usual, leaves you speechless in his slithering capabilities. The emotions, the why, and the simple, “Okay, onward”…it’s all shown here – and shown naked.

Caveat? This is not a kids’ film. It’s absolutely for a mature audience; in both subject and the material, underbelly of many concurrently running very real worlds in which people play around in.



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