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Tobey Maguire

Seen in Spider-Man 3

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A more complex Spider-Man is leaping about. In what they’re calling the final Spider-Man of a trilogy Tobey Maguire, err, Spider-Man must battle three arch-villains.

Tobey Maguire returns for one of the most anticipated films of the year: “Spider-Man 3.”

You can feel the excitement in the spring air. Back in 2003 when “Spider-Man 2” was announced fans feared Maguire was going to have to bow out due to some back issues resulting from his “Seabiscuit” role.

Through yoga and reaching inside to his inner-spidey strength Maguire was able to re-enter his red and blues tighties.

Many of the original cast members are returning for the final installment of the trilogy. And to up the ante, this time around Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man aka Maguire) is facing three arch enemies, New Goblin, Sandman and Venom.

While Parker and his beautiful gal pal M.J. (co-star Kirsten Dunst) have begun to weave a comfy web for two. Both are New York society darlings and are adjusting to domestic life.

Though there is relationship drama on their horizon.
And Maguire and Dunst have proven to pack a powerful sting as the movie’s couple. In fact the duo won “Best Kiss” at The MTV Movie Awards in 2003 for their now infamous upside-down pouring rain half-masked kiss in the first Spider-Man (2002).

The overtly comic book tableau influenced lip-lock was also the subject of a gazillion parodies and became something of a pop culture hit.

In a more serious category Maguire also won MTV’s Best Male Performance Award that year.“Spider-Man 2” (2004) was another box-office sensation. The special effects were groundbreaking and the film won the 2005 Visual Effects Academy Award.

Maguire is pleased with all the success Spider-Man has brought him. But his private life is truly where his heart is.

Last year he and his fiancée, Jennifer Meyer became parents of a girl they named Ruby Sweetheart.

Beaming over fatherhood he said, “It’s definitely amazing. I love being a dad and having a daughter. It’s like everybody says. All the cliché’s are true.”

Q: What was it like coming back for the third time?

TM: I love it. I love working with the cast and the crew and especially with Sam [Raimi – Director]. I really felt like in this movie it was definitely the continuing story of Peter Parker and the other characters.

Q: What is film’s surprise I am hearing about?TM: We were exploring new territory for the character. It’s a new side to Peter Parker and something I think is kind of unexpected to see Peter Parker behave in some of the ways he behaves. He’s darker.

Q: Okay. So were the darker Spidey scenes hard? Raimi has said he had a hard time with it.

TM: I probably had the most fun doing those scenes. I have heard Sam say that before, I’m not quiet sure that I’ve ever believed him though. I think he’s attracted to it and repulsed at the same time. I also I think we both get a little pleasure of seeing Peter like that.

Q: Any concern with being haunted by this role?

TM: I’m not really concerned about it, as long as I have other opportunities to make other types of movies.

Q: What is something you do in real life that is thrilling?

TM: I like to be very active. I can’t say there is anything that quite compares to swinging around like Spider-Man does. Ilike to ride bikes and run and scuba dive. I would consider skydiving, but now my fiancé is like ‘You are not sky diving.’ And it would be a shame if something happened and I missed my daughter’s life. That would be a drag.

Q: What has been your weirdest encounter with a Spider-Man fan?

TM: Yeah, y’know. I guess I’ve had some strange experiences. I can’t think of anything. I think I just try to block them out after they happen. I don’t remember them. I did have an interview the other day where a guy was wearing Spider-Man tights which I thought was a bit bizarre.

Q: Have you ever been to a party in your suit?

TM: I actually, don’t’ have a suit. I have had many offers to show up for kids’ parties.

Q: Is there a yet-to-be made wacky comedy starring Tobey Maguire?

TM: I don’t know. I want to work in all kinds of movies, so I’d love to do a good comedy.: How do you feel about spiders?

TM: I’m fine with spiders. I respect their place in the world. I don’t kill spiders. I saw a huge spider in my house last night and just theft it there. But, Jen, my fiancé, says said I needed to get it outside because of the baby. I’ve got to escort the spiders outside now.

Q: The film’s actors all signed on for three movies. Now the big question is will you come back for another few Spider-Mans?

TM: Well, if there was a great story there and there was something interesting for Peter Parker to do like a storyline that I loved for Peter parker and Sam was involved and the right cast was in place, at that point I would consider it.

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