Counting Down The Rolling Stones: Their 100 Finest Songs
By Jim Beviglia

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Beviglia is back with a 100 countdown of songs. This time he’s focused upon The Rolling Stones, and their decade’s long affair with audio accruements. For this reader, the book is brilliant and delightfully filled with researched knowledge and a deep appreciation for the group.

If you’re a huge Stones’ fan buy this immediately. You’ll be tickled with the dollops of humor and wink-nudge asides weaved within the countdown. If you are a tad weary of someone writing about “your group”. Fear not. Each song has a wordsmiths' maneuvering behind its evaluation. Frankly, just adding, “Losing My Touch,” – a Keith Richards vocal dreamscape usually lost due to the overt crapfest album it shows up on - is a kind of tangible proof, if you will, of just how known the subject is to the scribe.

And “It’s Only Rock and Roll (But I Like It),” gives the happy reader another behind the scenes snippet of what probably really went on as the track was birthed. You may (like me) laugh aloud at the countdown’s, “Emotional Rescue,” and its hilarious back story. The ever skin-crawl inducing slither tongued line, “You will be mine all mine,” scared the bejesus outta women everywhere. Stalker much? Beviglia didn’t miss the beat.

Rather than expose too much of this knowledgeable intelligent A+ song guide, just get order it now if you are even a semi-Stones fan. Then enjoy each page knowing this song countdown is a bit like Tut’s Tomb. Between the awaiting quiet pages, chambers and alcoves of sparkly jewels await your discovery, anew. And as your mind recreates hours of musical memories you’ll be thankful all over for that glorious day The Glimmer Twins (and their band mates) walked upon a stage…

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