Directed by Jon Whelan





Please go see this...but be warned, you will then be up all night reading labels…and tossing out lots of stuff. Because Stink! is gonna leave a huge stank.

Watch in wonder as unpronounceable chemicals become “fragrance” – a code word for, well, what ever the hell the manufacturer wants to put in there. It’s eye-opening and shocking.

See real people, asked simple questions, morph into shifty-eyed 1940s ganster film double talkers performing an impromptu verbal Cirque du Soleil – simply to avoid disclosing any ingredient, or its actual point for being in something.

The whole documentary thing started after a father bought PJs for his kids. The children could not stand the smell coming off the youth-geared apparel, purchased at a youth-geared franchise. And so began his journey down the rabid rabbit labyrynth of corporate fun in some mental game of Twister.

There’s no clever edits to shape a bias. The footage just plays as your popcorn is held in mid-crunch; what is this "butter" that's so so yellow. Spoiler for mankind: the worst offender is scented items; read anything that has scent added. Period. Those hidden ingredients have directly lead to obesity, asthma, cancer…death. And (it this is not a dramatic play) the fragrance has no legal need to have its ingredients listed; they can blend anything, pop it in there, and call it “Apple Scented.”

Everyone should see Stink! You’ll discover there are really, honestly, no safety controls on our products' ingredients. You can absolutely have poison in there and thanks to “proprietary formulas” you are not allowed to know. In fact, under current law, there can be toxins in products and the FDA can not even issue a recall <- this is paraphrased from an actual scene in Stink of a Senate hearing…


Helpful portal: has a list of products and the ingredients are graded; some will shock you. Navigation is bad – just kinda look for search bar; don’t give up – your life could, quite literally, depend upon the knowledge

....Beware the Phthalates



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