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Engrenages (original title)

French w/subtitles via Netflix or DVD




Spiral is a cop drama…but that makes it sound cliché’ and this wonderfully paced and cast show is far far from typical. Here, the police detective team is woven and complicated. And like its American cousin, Law & Order, the show takes you through every step of a crime. But, unlike L&A, characters are developed fully; Quirks, follies, and cute guys an’ gals speaking French. What is not to love.

Now in its fourth season (streaming on Netflix or, seriously, buy 1-3), you can catch up with how the lives are going. But, frankly, if you can, start with season one to meet and know the hmms and whys of almost every player in the fourth. The hour-long stories that take a season's worth to conclude, do stand alone, but, it is much more visceral when you know who is who.

For example, Laure Berthaud (Caroline Proust) she is very into no-strings-ish relationships. Until she isn’t. She is a woman after all. She runs the team we spy on, and call her boss lady if you like, just don’t fence her in…her panther-like pace is palatable. Meanwhile, her slithery boss is a misogynist first class.

And Pierre Clement (the swell-on-the-eyes in any language, Gregory Fitoussi) is a career oriented chap. He is as aloof as he is handsom, until he isn't - he's a guy after all. Plus, you'll recognize his beauty, but from where? You’ll be IMDB-ing him so you can sleep. Here, he plays a spiraling (<- hardeeharhar) attorney and gets thrown into dark gray areas so fast it’s as if he’s twirling around in a cotton candy machine of pure manly-man yumminous!

Then there’s Joséphine Karlsson (Audrey Fleurot), the defense attorney you will adore to despise. There is nothing she is not capable of – and her priorities are vein-popping-ly annoying, in a have-to-watch way. And team partner, Gilou (Thierry Godard) whose incompetence and drug-fueled stake outs will have you pausing the player until you calm down. He’s an idiot. And a scrumptious character.

You’ll want to binge-watch for sure. And the subtitles are easy. You don’t have to work too hard to watch the mostly-in-Paris settings. Enjoy.

Snack Recommendation: Order in as you'll be staying put for hours.



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