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Starring: Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, Willem Dafoe, James Franco, J.K. Simmons, Cliff Richardson, Rosemarie Harris, Bruce Campbell, and Randy Poffo
Directed by: Sam Raimi
Rated: PG13
Willem DaFoe Interview

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Not since the first Batman has a film captured the essence of a comic book hero so completely! Tobey Maguire was perfect as the geeky yet attractive Peter Parker who is transformed via a genetically engineered super spider's bite into Spider-Man! Finally an awesome super hero comic book adaptation worth all your bubblegum money! Willem Dafoe is great as the Green Goblin! As Spider-Man's maniacal arch-nemsis he expells each poisonous syllable with a venom rarely seen these days!

We meet Peter (Tobey Maguire) as his school bus and its gang of less-than-kind teens is racing down the street. Peter running along, beside, begging for it to stop and retrieve him. The students laugh and mock…

Well, all but one, Mary Jane aka M.J. (Kirsten Dunst). She demands the bus stop for Peter the Meek. It does and he awkwardly boards to snickers and gaffaws and joins.

Peter now in tow, the class heads to their field trip. It's a funfilled day of captive arachnids being tested on within glass cages. Yippee. What's this? One is missing? One of the "altered" super spiders has escaped? Yep, and it's about to give Peter a bite that will change his sad sap life forever! (<- insert dramatic soap opera-esque organ here please)

Peter is bitten by the fancy spider and feels just icky. When he gets home he crawls into his bed. His loving aunt and uncle (Rosemarie Harris and Cliff Robertson) are concerned about the boy. He's just not himself...

The next morning well, things have changed for Peter, he's literally not himself; his old geeky featherweight self. He's changed in ways he could have only read about in say a Marvel Comic or something.

Peter's into the new him. He plays with his odd new powers (as we all giggle and smile knowingly) and is warned by his wise old uncle "with great power comes great responsibility." You could hear the goose bumps popping among the die-hard Spidey fans. Here we go!

At the same time as Peter is spinning his web and loving it…His best friend Harry's (James Franco) dad Norman Osborn ( Willem DaFoe), the leading supplier of neato keen gadgets to the U.S. government is about to lose his funding if he can't get his body enhancing formula to work on a human. "They need more time," Norm's warned by his scientists. No way! He will test the stuff on himself and win that funding!

"But, the side effects sir! They included violence and insanity on the lab rats!" Rats schmats! Norman figures no guts-no funding and heads himself into the gas chamber to be infused with the body enhancing formula. He enters an egotistical impatient tycoon; he exits a maniacal arch nemesis-to-be of Spider-Man, The Green Goblin!

As Spider-Man starts to avenge bad doers, The Green Goblin starts to revenge and do bad! Oh, this is just getting super man! The special effects and the witty story commingle for one of the "funnest" films I've ever seen!

The film even captured Daily Bugle editor J. Jonah Jameson correctly thanks to actor J.K.Simmons. Though the paper scenes are few they hold some of the heartiest laughs thanks to the precise comic timing of J.K. Simmons.

Kirsten Dunst was perfect as Peter's long time love Mary Jane, M.J.. She was oblivious to the guy - who lived next door since she was six - but all works out in the end…kind of.

Willem DaFoe is a naturally creepy guy. His version of Dracula in Shadow of a Vampire is sill up in the top three of all time best vamps! As the notorious Green Goblin his inner creep shines brightly through. Willem's super cool in a twisted kookie kind of way and I can't think of anyone better "suited" for the role. I'm warning ya though, the younger youngin' may need years of therapy after they watch this character! He's a tad vicious, there's no fluffy edge.

Tobey Maguire was simply adorable as Peter Parker. He has that quirkiness that makes him as seem sweet as hot yummy apple pie. You'd probably faint if you heard him say the "F" word, if you know what I mean. Yet throw the little studmuffin into those tight figure fitting tights and fling him around a few buildings by a little webmagic and even Tobey looks like a big burly manly man. Slurp!

Director Sam Raimi united the CGI effects and his wonder cast seamlessly. The film's whole imagery was quite believable and truly transported us into Peter's world.
Spider-Man scribes Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, have a world of loyal legions akin to The Lord of the Rings' following. I sat spun in within these folks, in their web, awaiting their responses…all agreed this film got the fly! A big juicy harvest time fly!

Do yourself a favor, get out NOW for this fantastic flick! It's a marvel.

Snack Recommendation: Succulent Gnats and Bubbly Bees.

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