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A History Of Violence | Howard Shore
an emily blunt soundtrack review

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Bluntly speaking? Composer Howard Shore can twist notes and delve into the psyche like a post-grad neurosurgeon. He has a way of, for lack of a better phrase, Film Noiring up the most innocent of scenes. Best known, probably, for his "Lord of the Rings" composing work, Shore shows again he can venture away from hobbits and fantasy and bring the real world (well, film real world) from the darkness into the light. He's a prolific talent.

The works here for the film "A History of Violence" are subtle and beautiful. The orchestra dancing about the score. Track one, "Motel" is soft and haunting. It invites you into a place you're not quite sure of (no pun intended...). As the story develops on the screen so does the score. In track 6, "Run," the mind is being informed there's something up in Dodge - audibly. By track 10, "The Staircase," we're just in awe of the depths of deception; the scene in the film is quite a hefty bitterberry slice of Cronenberg pie to boot.

This is a shorter score - but non-the-less striking. If you're a collector of music this is one for the listen-to-repeatedly bin. Enjoy.

Track Listings
1. Motel
2. Tom
3. Cheerleader
4. Diner
5. Hero
6. Run
7. Violence
8. Porch
9. Alone
10. Staircase
11. Road
12. Nice Gate
13. Return
14. Ending



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