Schitt's Creek
Starring: Catherine O' Hara, Eugene Levy, Chris Elliot, Daniel Levy and...





There’s a new show subtly sneaking around on cable’s PopTv, called, Schitt’s Creek (yes as in up a, but fear not the cellophane pun). Schitt’s Creek is one of the funniest, well-written and cast-d, little slice of hilarity audiences have been served up in a decade; look for it, know it, love it. There are no laugh tracks, no high-tech stunts, no studio audience laughing on cue. Just Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy leading, as a Mr. and Mrs. Rose. Okay, a caveat. Those who adored SCTV or any of the comedic renderings of say, Christopher Guest-style, will adore; Millennials? Not so much.

Story goes…The uber-wealthy, upper-crusty, snobzilla’s known as The Rose Family have been recently de-cashed and stripped bare of the 1%-er lifestyle they so enjoyed.

But as the government seized their all the name-brand stuffs, and babbles, the family was left a small long-forgotten investment found deep in their portfolio.

Seems, they’d bought, as a lark, a now deemed worthless town called Schitt’s Creek.

That’s it. Wealthy folks go to rural setting sans accruements de riche…and the hilarity starts from frame one episode one. As agents loot the home, the Rose Family, in shock and awe, grab what they can and head to this Schitt’s Creek as they’ve no place else to go.

That’s all you need to know. Well, that and Catherine O’Hara (a freakin’ comic legend) will make you have after-laughter at often inappropriate times. And, perhaps, that the Levy gene carries with it a funny streak; Eugene’s son and daughter shine in the cast (Daniel and Sarah). Daniel, as David Rose, plays the too-hip-for-you-or-your-family with some of the best quips; though, every character gets great zingers - listen closely for best laughs-per-episode volume.

Oh, and as a general “The more you know,” avoid eating or drinking when Chris Elliot steals scenes with his “wife” Jennifer Robertson, you could choke; Fondue? Never again. Ever. Just saying. And, the Rose family daughter played by Annie Murphy is spot on; she done do dumb debutante delightfully.

Granted, you need to watch from the start to know what’s going on; still wickedly funny on own...but, in a makes-more sense way. The station site has episodes up. Then once you’re in sync, seriously, go to the website and enjoy the extra “tours” of some areas in Schitt’s.

Hilarious, just hilarious. Enjoy.



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