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Nurse Betty

Starring: Renee Zellweger, Morgan Freeman, Chris Rock and Greg Kinnear
Directed by: Neil LaBute



Finally, an excellent movie for your viewing and popcorn inhaling pleasure! Why not, director Neil Labute hasn't really made a bad film yet (Your Friends and Neighbors, In The Company Of Men). What makes Nurse Betty so wonderful? The cast works great together, the talent behind the camera is sterling and the script (John C. Richards) is new and entertaining-a comedy trifecta at its best!

Renee Zellweger has come a long way since she had to suffer through The Bachelor- argh, what a piece of cinematic poop. But, after Me Myself and Irene and now this fantastic performance here- I admit it - she's wonderful. Even if she gets to play "where's the Grinch's candy cane hidden little girl?", with stud-o-my-dreams, Jim Carrey- I still love her.

Then we have my pet actor, Greg Kinnear. Once again he is purrfect! Gregory just gets sweeter each time this double helping of man gravy gets poured onto a scene! Handsome fellow.

Story goes... Betty Sizemore (Renee "Shooting Star" Zellweger) is a middle America nobody. She waits tables and rushes home to watch taped episodes of her favorite soap- A Reason To Live- starring pompous Dr. David Ravel ( Greg "finally-finally" Kinnear) her manly obsession. Normal gal.

However, her life turns dramatically from the diary of the dull to the hysterical days and nights of Nurse Betty, when she witnesses her husband's murder. Hitmen, Wesley (Chris-one of the funniest men alive-Rock) and Charlie (Morgan-love this guy-Freeman)are the culprits and they don't want any witnesses, see.

The trauma causes Betty to go into a state of shock/amnesia and she transforms into a character of her imagination, Nurse Betty. She must get to LA and meet her love Dr. Dave! Nurse Betty psychy is way out there; her grip on reality is four inches short of the rail if you know what I'm saying. She seeks her love and the hit men seek her. The comedy begins.

Zellweger is just great. Her timing is perfect , her delivery of the excellent script exact. Really, the whole cast is superb. Chris Rock is fun to watch- kinetic per usual, but he seems to be more comfortable here than in prior roles. Morgan Freeman, who is always great, plays his life-reflectling hitman with soul and his signature calm that plays perfectly off Rock's firework persona. Kinnear, is grand as a conceited TV actor with and ego the size of Jupiter. And jumping catfish he's cute. And you even get a Crispin Glover bonus...and believe it or not he's practically normal. Fear not, I've seen trailers for his directorial homage to whathe artistically considers the mind's cruel, often, manipulative abilities I think. It is called, What Is It? I thought. He tagged it in the release as, "Being the adventures of a young man whose principle interests are snails, salt, a pipe, and how to get home. As tormented by an hubristic, racist inner psyche." So he's still our unique Mr. Glover.

Stop reading this and head out to Nurse Betty. This is one hell of a funny comedy. I've waited all summer to say that!

Snack Recommendation: Black Coffee and two eggs over easy.



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