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The Motorcycle Diaries Soundtrack | Gustavo Santaolalla

Starring: Gael Garcia Bernal and Rodrigo de la Serna
Directed by: Walter Salles
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Bluntly speaking? Like the beautiful film, The Motorcyle Diaries soundtrack transports you to a romantic vision of South America.

Composer Gustavo Santaolalla mingles original works with a couple of instantly familiar musical snapshots. As your journey begins a tinkled guitar on track one, 'Apertura,' guides you into the tale set before you. It's one of passion, truth and discovery. And like Ernesto "Che" Guevara and his friend Alberto did all those years ago we embark on a road trip of the musical kind.

As track 2, 'Lago Frias,' haunts the speakers you can imagine yourself, as Che and Alberto may have, glancing back at the familiar as the road of both excitement and foreboding lay ahead of you...

You drift along Santaolalla's road without a care in world.

Easing into the groove you find yourself about to stop for a bit of mayhem in a small pinmark within your mental road map. You've arrived at track 4, 'Chipi Chipi' (performed by Maria Esther Zamora). Now your mind is along for the ride and the song will have you in mid samba by its second verse.

And this musical work is taking you on a ride you've now plainly mapped. And to get to your destination your mind conjures up the film's own "La Poderosa" (a classic Norton) as your vehicle of choice.
Its engine's roughly revving as the wind is spits delightful rhythms all about.

from your mini-dance extravaganza back at pit stop track 4, you're on the road again turning twisting and enjoying the view...

By track 10, 'La Muerte de la Poderosa,' the Norton positively lets loose - whipping you past snow caps peaks and sleepy towns. Ah, wilderness.

You'll be snapped awake in track 14, ' Que Rico el Mambo' as your mind strolls into some pohunk town lookin' for a little mucho amore... remember the other way to a man's heart is mambo! Iy iy iy!

You getting the drift? This cd is more than just a bit of notes strung together. It is a musical road trip; Latin flavored and exquisitely description in each note. It is a must have. Buy it!

Track List:

1. Apertura
2. Lago Frias
3. Chichina
4. Chipi Chipi - Performed by Maria Esther Zamora, "Polito" Gonzalez, Jorge Lobos, Cuti Aste, Roberto Lindl
5. Montana
6. Sendero
7. Procesion
8. Jardin
9. La Partida
10. La Muerte De La Poderosa
11. Lima
12. La Salida De Lima
13. Zambita
14. Que Rico El Mambo - Performed by Damasco Perez Prado
15. Circulo En El Rio
16. Amazonas
17. Cabalgando
18. Leyendo En El Hospital
19. El Cruce
20. Partida Del Leprosario
21. De Usuahia A La Quiaca
22. Revolucion Caliente
23. Al Otro Lado Del Rio - Performed by Jorge Drexler



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