Mother's Milk

Actors: Casey Chapman and Mackenzie Wiglesworth
Directors: Edward Pionke


Awful beginning, awful end, and the film in between is wonderfully off kilter.

This film is hard to to recommend as the subject matter is so turn-the-stomach creepy. That's a good thing for horror film's but film viewer-wise there are such odd choices made – mostly at its start and the ever-dreaded second ending. The old Spielberg “A.I syndrome", you think the film is over, and other than a kinda awkwardly shot last few frames, you're content. But, no.The director says differently and tags on an extra ending that is just so stupid you now almost forget the good parts you’ve just seen.

I digress a tad...story goes, a mental-case hidden in regular-guy skin is obsessed with mother’s milk and once internet fetish videos stop working for him, he snags a poor woman off the street. His second victim stands up to him (mostly) and like scolded child he starts to behave – in as much as a psychopath can…

If you love creepy films, Mother’s Milk has a full fat liter here. But, sadly it’s missing a real must-see vein. The leads are good – not great. Given better material, perhaps they’ll shine. Casey Chapman, the villain here, is very much like a young James Spader. And Mackenzie Wiglesworth, the long-suffering captive, will no doubt show on a prime-time tv drama and sail into fame. Director Edward Pionke (and naturally writer) just needs to edit himself, cast a bit more realistically (the opening college room scene is like a stripclub’s employee roster and acted as such), and learn the subtle difference between confusing his audience by adding a “that would never happen – ever” after a slug of celebratory whiskey, second ending to an already shot-badly crescendo. You're left with his, “Let’s put this in too and really freak people out.” The first thought was the correct one, speaking as a woman for all women everywhere – ever.



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