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Lucky StarsThe Lucky Stars | Hollywood and Western
an emily blunt music review

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Bluntly speaking? I truly got lucky with this musical find - and figured I'd share. The Lucky Stars are a throwback to the real musicians of yesteryear who'd gather at some sawdust gin soaked hootenanny to get the folks up and dancin'.

You half expect to be transported to roadside bars strewn across some film noirish John Garfield-styled mid-America as the notes titillate the mind's eye.

Even the title, "Hollywood and Western" has a stylized inner-thought running about...either that or that's the corner where you'll find their recording studio. I prefer to create a more fantastical mini-bio for the clever artwork and title.

I was at The Gene Autry Museum - checking out the Sergio Leone exhibit - when I had to have me some cowboy music. I was finding the "usual" fare; whiny or extra modern Nashville fixins' - yech. But, I'm picky. I want Buck Owens style, with a hint of Cliff Edwards and bit of The Band ensemble-ish tunes. I come from Canadian hillbillies and Hungarian gypsy stock - 'nough said? And perhaps, now, you'll get why I usually leave the music reviews to the more in-stream salmon in the cliche here at

Here there's a heapin' helpin' of edible audio with a midnight special plate of pure delectable note transmissions mingled in amoung. I had a listen and the first track sold me.

It's "Everybody's Fool," and it's roaring with multi - instruments that know how to play nicely together aside near-yodel vocals by Sage Guyton . Then there's a for-giggles-and-fun song on track 3, "Look What The Cat Dragged In" - have we not all been there...track 7 is a kind of "honest guy's guy ditty called ,"All Shapes and Sizes." The yarn's lyrics, while sweet and jovial, are about as subtle as a guy wearing 1/2 a quart of Aqua Velva in a two-person elevator. Hilarious! And then there's track 8, "White Lie Blues," which slows us down and serves up vocals which are eerie perfectly old-fashioned by J.W.; he sounds like he's crooning over a cowboys' make-shift campfire in an open range post fulfilling a run across the plains. Yum.

I rechecked the credits looking for familiar hall-o-famer scribes of the catchy lyrics and note combos...nope these are originals by these yet-to-be-really discovered talents; 'ceptin for track 9, "Tennessee Tango" - ironically not my favorite of the gents undertakings.

This is simply a must for parlayers of honky-tonk rockabilly beats. The songs wail with bass fiddles, accordions, Bigsby steel guitar and general musical mayhem - the good kind. The passion for the genre-of-music is immediately apparent in the group made up of, Chris "Whitey" Anderson, Sage Guyton, Brent " Mooney" Harding, Charlie Paddock and J.W. aka Jeremy Wakefield.

They ooze infectious rhythms as a preschool child might sticky up their surroundings. Okay, bad analogy - but you get my drift - they get under the skin even long after the music's stopped.

The group plays live around the greater LA area and they're worth the effort to catch - when's the last time you saw six of seven actually talented folks crooning on a stage, egos aside, and people watchin' them unable to stay sedated and seated? Right - me neither! Band info etc here->

Tracks: (you can test-a-hear at Amazon too)

1. Everybody's Fool Listen
2. Chisel To My Heart Listen
3. Look What The Cat Dragged In Listen
4. Hot Potato Listen
5. Get Off Your High Horse Listen
6. A Fella Named Jack
7. All Shapes And Sizes
8. White Lie Blues
9. Tennessee Tango
10. Been Betrayed Blues
11. Sugar Mama
12. Honky Tonk Bound

Their latest cd Stay Out Late With The Lucky Stars is equally as enchanting and only available via their site->




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