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Ladies in LavendarLadies in Lavender

Starring: Judy Dench, Maggie Smith, and Daniel Bruhl
Directed by: Charles Dance


Bluntly speaking? My undying love for Ms. Judy Dench and Ms. Maggie Smith forbids me from voicing a more verbally blunt opinion - but I will say, the acting is, as always superb, and the fault of this film lay within director Charles Dances' seeming unwillingness to edit his master performers' work; to tighten the piece. So, unfortunately we have a terribly over dramatic, drawn out film, which at its heart is warm and well meaning, but yet leaves you quietly just walking of of the theater, a bit hungrier than when you arrived....and nothing more.

Story goes....It's the late 1930's, and two aging sisters (Maggie Smith and Judy Dench) live at their family home along the Cornish coast of England. They are comfortable, thrifty and simple women.

One day while taking their usual morning stroll the spot a mysterious boy-man (Daniel Bruhl) washed upon the beach. He's half drown. They take him into their home, and life.

As the man grows stronger so does the relationship between the three - along with the " when strangers come to a small town" shenanigans, and a new beau is on the scene stufamagol.

But like any wounded animal one finds and nurtures back to health, once this little bird feels well he too must fly away and sing on his own- even if the sisters had other plans for the lad...

The story is sweet if way-old-fashioned (even for the day), the cinematography and acting superb. But even with it's rich detailed Cornish backdrop and dollops of grandeur it's just utterly dull. And the director uses these continual odd slow-motion bits that actually get a bit funny after about the thirtieth time...

The girls are brilliant and Barcelona's Daniel Bruhl 's man beauty grows on you - he is indeed a mansteak heading towards his prime. But, even with these accents of tasty visuals of lush lands and manly men, Ladies in Lavender is a tad to dry even for the artsy fartsyiest of us I'm afraid.

Snack recommendation: Cod and tea while a nice Joshua Bell playing softly in the background...


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