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Knife Fight
Starring: Rob Lowe, Carrie-Ann Moss, Jamie Chung, Julie Bowen, David Harbour and Eric McCormack
Directed by: Bill Guttentag
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Here’s another political behind-the-scenes in the same vein as Wag the Dog. Manipulations and lies bring powerful people into politics; regardless of their actual qualifications or moral fortitudes.

Story goes…Political Strategist, Paul Turner (Rob Lowe) is juggling the candidates he works for. His job is to get them elected even when they slip into an intern, or have private lives that would make some blush like a debutante circa 1901 at a man placing his arm below her waist.

The new kid on the team, Kerstin (Jamie Chung), watches and takes notes on how being corrupt is not wrong, it’s part of the job description. The little caterpillar will certainly blossom into a butterfly...well, a post cocoon insect at least.

In the midst of it all the as usual comes a great hope in candidate-want-to-be Penelope (Carrie Ann Moss). She's an actual helpful doctor at a free clinic and bi golly she’s got the desire to do good for her neighborhood. She wants to be Mayor - but - naturally, no cash to back up her would-be clean run.

The film has its high points. A few times you feel nauseated by the lengths a politician’s team will go through to get them elected. The stomach churn comes from the realization that much of this is true. The storylines are taken from life’s arenas. Sure, liberties are taken, and drama is mixed in with a few too many sub-plots; film stretching perhaps? But, Knife Fight is worthy of a viewing, if for no other reason, than to remind yourself politicians are the same; Bipartisan puppets, and if a good guy slips in? Something under-handed probably got them there…and their game begins.

Rob Lowe is aging like a fine wine. His looks probably keep him from being taken seriously…but the man can act. Eric McCormack and David Harbour may make you have all-over chills. They are those familiar (emphasis on “liar”) faces we see on poster asking for our votes. Pearly whites sharpened, shining and aimed directly at the part of our brain that says a good looking human equals trustworthy.

The Gals in the film hold their own. Julie Bowen (Modern Family fame) plays her part wonderfully sleazy. And Carrie-Ann Moss is the picture of the do-gooder with a dream.

Make an effort to see this and take it for what it is: a look into how far politicians and their ‘people’ go to create the myth we vote for - and a couple of mansteaks thrown in to ease the awful truth in.

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