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King Kong | James Newton Howard
an emily blunt soundtrack review
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Bluntly speaking? Composer James Newton Howard is not just a fun tongue-twister named sort in the vain of John Jacob Jingle Heimer Schmidt to roll about for audio game-play pleasure tongue - he is also a phenomenal audio treat master musically. Granted he can swing from grand strokes of original and enthusiastic crescendos with swells of greatness back to cookie-cutter dullsville obvious for-the-dough studio puppeteer pieces, but here, the fore mentioned painting by music embellishes a touching tale with a fresh wonderful musical accent. There are 20 Tracks total, and each is simply beautiful.

The new Kong, a super modern effects-wise mega-production, is actually remake of the original, and therefore stays with the 1930's era of which the now-classic tale was birthed. Though a few of the time capsulating-ish musical numbers in the movie did not make the soundtrack, you forgive…

Howard manages, still, to weave in bars that pay homage, to the first Kong - brilliantly. His beauty and the beast tracks ( titled Beauty and the Beast) need several versions to complete his thought and display the complex relationship that unfolds 'tween the hairy ape and the damsel with Chaplinesque abilities…

There are a bevy of musicians behind the score that lend special talents. Their expert percussions, voices, and winds transport the listener - instantly. For example, the epic-a-beginning note structure of the title track 'King Kong' tellingly invites you into the mood and genre of cd; even if you haven't seen the spectacular film by Peter Jackson, you'll be able to navigate through Skull Island's darker crevices and back to Gotham, where Kong's love is tested (sniff).

Howard's music is befitting the colossal work, and just as deep with a delightful thread of melancholy for the cruelty and unjust end that befalls our great ape. Buy it

Track Listings:

1. King Kong
2. Fateful Meeting, A
3. Defeat Is Always Momentary
4. It's In The Subtext
5. Two Grand
6. Venture Departs, The
7. Last Blank Space On The Map
8. It's Deserted
9. Something Mysterious...Neither Beast Nor Man
10. Head Towards The Animals
11. Beautiful
12. Tooth & Claw
13. That's All There Is
14. Captured
15. Central Park
16. Empire State Building, The
17. Beauty & The Beast I
18. Beauty & The Beast II
19. Beauty & The Beast III
20. Beauty & The Beast IV
21. Beauty & The Beast V



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