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The Kid's Are Alright
Starring: Keith Moon, John Entwhistle, Roger Daltry, Pete Townshend and a bazillion others
Directed by: Jeff Stein

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The Kid’s Are Alright Two-Disc HD is nirvana. It’s wild to see and hear the performances so completely refined. Today, we take these elements for granted – here the special features remind you how much was done to make this home-viewing experience superb.

As a kid, I’d seen this 1979 film about thirty times (true). The video we Who fans coveted had many missing bits. I knew this – because I was really into the film. Twenty-two years later, long after my friends figured I'd dreamt up a few scenes ...I was vindicated as several cuts were highlighted as being put back in. One in particular was with Keith Richards in a top hat at a circus. It's THERE - now that the restoration crew found the footage lost on VHS.

Any Who fan MUST run and get this two-disc version. The film is fantastic. The history of – perhaps – the greatest rock band in music’s history is blasted from you home entertainment system. If you’ve seen The Who live, this film is as close as you can get to that energy.

There’s oodles of old TV performances, and nearly perfect live concert cuts. The interviews are very fun. Pete Townshend is animated! Roger Daltry is often a nervous young fellow. John Entwhistle is less brooding, and Keith is as effervescent as anyone could ever remember.

Plus, Keith Moon fans will be reminded of the wonderful charisma and character this man brought to the group. There’s the “tribute” scene (as Keith had passed even when the film was in theaters). The restoration makes its effect even more powerful.

If you’ve just discovered The Who, what a lucky little geezer you are! This film was great before Lucas sound entered our lives. Even the deluted VHS was a treasure. Now, with the technology advances, and the dedication of so many behind-the-scenes restoration specialists, the film screams at you…in a great way. An, unlike say Tim Burton studio which seems to relish in at least eight re-releases they know you need to buy to get every frame your heart could possibly desire, this first DVD release has had all the bells and whistles put into place to begin with. You may never need to buy it again. But get the two-discs - Amazon has a few versions SO READ to be sure before you buy. Because on disc two, fans will love the details the restoration people caught and worked to make your experience like a high without pharmaceuticals. Even Keith could have enjoyed without a bit of something teeny boppers, and Donny and Marie fans...

Bravo and enjoy!

Snack recommendation: tea and treacle.

Buy immediately. Throw your cash at the clerk, PayPal it…but GET IT
The Who - The Kids Are Alright (Deluxe Edition)


# Restored to the original "Director's Cut" length of 109 minutes
# Almost 100 minutes of never-before-seen multi-camera angle footage
# Completely re-mastered in Hi-Definition and 5.1 surround from the original film elements and multi-tracks
# Packed with a 32 page collectable booklet and a second disc full of extras, interviews and never before seen footage
# Roger Daltrey - An incredible new on-camera interview from this living legend
# Multi Camera Angles - An extremely rare feature that is almost 100 minutes and featuring as many as 6 angles including a Pete cam, a Roger cam, a Moonie cam and an Ox cam
# Making of the DVD - 40 minute feature offering an in-depth look at how the film was restored


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