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Keira Knightley's initiation into Club Hollywood came when Britain's independent hit Bend it Like Beckham scored at the box-office in America and Britain. Since the mega-hit Pirates of the Caribbean, and the trans-culture comedy Love Actually catapulted the gal into an audience's consciousness her schedule has been literally non-stop. She's been a busy little beauty with a plethora of upcoming films, The Jacket, Pirates of the Carib 2, even a new Pride and Prejudice, - all opening or filming in 2004. But Keira is far from tired, flashing a broad smile across her porcelain face, she beams after the list is read, " That's the way I like it! I've been working real hard. Which is what I like to do."

Of course we're here to chat about the current film opening King Arthur. In the film she plays a buffed up warrior babe take-no-prisoners styled Guinevere (Tank Girl: 405 A.D. if you will sans tank) taking the dainty lady-in-waiting myth, and folding it into a Jerry Bruckheimer production with Antoine Farqua's urban direction. Keira sips tea, without the pinky perched, still refreshingly "untouched" by fame's nastier elements. She seems taller then her bio stat of five-foot seven. Today, the self-proclaimed tomboy is all girly girl delicate. The fashion magazine ensemble is pieced together with a strategic hodge-podge of professionally coordinating un-coordinates. There's a charcoal pin-stripe blazer, atop a wrinkled (on purpose) dress shirt and long cut stonewashed jeans, finished with come-hither style shoes. She giggles, "I can't walk on these stilettos very well. I look drunk, it's fantastic!" The eyes are electric, done in a dramatic "disco" style, her dark brown hair flipped in what can only be called The Farrah Faucet circa 1979-do. She says, quite comfy beneath the frock's facade,"None of it's mine! I look all spic and span but it goes back at the end of the day!"

Keira loves that her brazen chickbabe de jour, Guinevere, is a decidedly different blatantly anti-damsel version of the purported gal of Arthur woodom. She admitted this Guinevere is a more manipulating sort and not a role model for the youngin'. "I think as far as fighting for what she believes in? That's a great thing." Thinking for a moment concluding, "I also think it is interesting to take a character that has traditionally been so romantic, so innocent and make her be very motivated and put her in a situation which is more than a love affair actually." That opinion reflects thoughts on current role trends, "It's good at the moment for "actresses." And for me as a moviegoer and a young woman, that's kind of what I wanna see! I'm fed up with seeing these women who are very much in the background. We've seen enough of these wimps - the girlfriend role. And I think it's really positive to see images of women who are every bit as strong as the guys." She picks her roles matter-of-factly, "I'm only trying to choose things that I'd like to see myself and that really interest me, and it just so happens that it's been films like this as opposed to like that."

And, oddly, the "real" Keira's a bit more like her screen choices, in that she's much less girly-stuck-at-a-crumpet social and the stilettos are nowhere to be found. Keira admits to being "more comfortable being one of the guys" and yet feels she's no candidate for an Olympics sport as the other trend of her work - physical ability - would lead one to believe. In fact her pre-acting career sport training was really limited to, "archery in summer camp- as a kid and all that stuff " That having been said, Keira needed "some help in Arthur to battle the boys," saying frankly, "It was hard work! We did about three months training. For me that meant a lot of weight lifting to try and buff me up a bit and archery." But she laughs, "It' was loads of fantastic fun. It's bit like being eleven and being back on the playground!" Keira who doesn't like to weigh herself simply said, "I went up a dress size, just in muscle." And she's quick to give me some learned advice, should I find myself in sword battle upon the tundra, with her tried-and-true trick she says laughing, " Swing as hard as ya can!"

A relative newby to the glare of the paparazzi's bulbs, Keira still finds fame rather unsettling. "More people are recognizing me on the streets, which is very strange to get used to. Most of them have been really sweet, and it's just because they like the film, and that's why you make movies. So that's cool." Keira prefers to keep her private life just that. She's well aware she's now tabloid dish, and simply refuses to let the hubbaloo get to her. Heck, she claims she's not even wealthy, well, "Not as wealthy as I keep reading I am, or people tell me I am! I have bought a flat in London. I have a bed and a wardrobe and that's it. People keep saying, Get decorators. And I'm like, no, no, no. I am going to do it myself."

As the limos line up for her entourage she sees how the gilded lore of the world she resides in could affect one's views, but Keira credits her ability to stay out of the diva filled astrosphere of fame to her mum, and long-time circle of friends, "I'm still friends with the same people I've been friends with since I was 11. So I guess they are going to tell me if I start behaving badly."

With that the door swings open and that gaggle of giggling friends - as if on their way to prom - beckon her in, cooing over her clothes and hair. The mega-star to-be is off to a well-deserved supper amongst the little people before that designer grunge outfit turns into a burlap sack and the stretch limo into a pumpkin…oh, wait that's another fairytale altogether.

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