House of Cards Season Two

Starring: Michael Gill, Kate Mara, Mahershala Ali, Rachel Brosnahan, Molly Parker, Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, and Michael Kelly
Directed by: Nine wonders; including John Mankiewicz and Jodie Foster



The deliciously diabolical drama continues. Season Two of House of Cards (with another season on the slate) is turning in to The Lord of the Rings of small screen productions…hear me out. In HoC, like LOR, we meet creatures that are familiar yet fantastical. We witness feats that are conjured up as if by magic ( here by the art of manipulation and illusion – like a wizard). And we know our hero (?) is after great power…Underwood is the Dark Lord Sauron. And of here too, we are in a kind of Middle Earth; OK, more Dante’s nine circles of Hell, here our government’s branch’s of power. And in HoC, the Dark Lord has a bride who may be scarier than him.

And like LOR, HoC is breaking expectations in entertainment from every aspect; writing, acting, directing, visuals and design. This new season is just chock full of more unexpected balls-to-the-wall viewing pleasures. Though, you really must invest your time in season one before devouring the second set; fear not, you shall not waste a nanosecond of you’re your time doing so.

In season two, Francis Underwood (Kevin Spacey) is moving up the political tree chopping limbs as he goes; planned prunings wielded and olive branches loaned or bartered. Frank is the ultimate Machiavelli villain in Armani.

And, ever by his side, is his hardly blushing bride Claire (Robin Wright). They are like that old fable about the rattlesnake and the shark. They live happily among their prey until one day…the prey starts to realize a few of them are missing from the Shire, and the couple they have trusted are looking a tad plump. Something like that, the moral being one can not change one’s nature – especially if it’s second. She’s a real daoine sìth.

New characters emerge and storylines are ripped from the current tides; though names are changed to protect the consulting producers.

The show is brilliant, the cast absurdly perfect. And there’s a whole lot a sexy-bits and jaw-dropping corruption – so it’s a grand time for your whole over 17 clans folk. Just be prepared to schedule a couple days of non-interference (again) because HoC is so good you’ll be thankful for the pause button, but wary, if not unable, to employ it.

Snack recommendation: Ben & Jerry Limited Edition Flavor Underwood Swirl: Toffee, Butterscotch and Bourbon whipped to prefection; or something that’s real with about that much sugar to keep you up to view every episode, and to keep your happy endorphins kicked in through the scarier parts.



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