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How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Staring: Jim Carrey, Christine Baranski, Molly Shannon, Taylor Momsen and countless other Whos.
Directed by: Ron Howard
Rated: PG
Buy it if you know what's good for you!

Bluntly speaking? Let me just rodomontade a moment in a few paragraphs on the greatness that is Jim Carrey. Sure, I'm biased —- I even loved Truman. Yes, yes, I'd breed with the man. But, folks this is a perfect movie. A laughagigglely, fantastabilly, who-tterific, stupendeliciously clever festival of talent and perfection lead by the indefatigable Jim Carrey as the Grinch.

The audience cheered and roared with each Grinch-ism Carrey effortlessly uttered. If ever a man was destined for a role!

Jim is perhaps our greatest living comedian...too bold a statement? Get your own review! I can not think of a single soul who could have breathed life into the Grinch with such passion and unreserved hootenanny.

This movie - another great Ron Howard Film - is an immediate classic. For generations, we will share this masterpiece together at the holidays snuggled about around a warm fireplace, stockings hung neatly in a row, Whobeast roasting in the stove. This must be how people felt when The Wizard of Oz originally opened. Sniff.

HTGSC story goes... Whoville is getting all ready for this year's Christmas day. But it's a very special holiday, as it also marks the 1000th Whoville Whobilation Celebration. Little Cindy Lou Who has nominated the mean one, Mr. Grinch as Cheermeister 2000.

The Mayor, an old nemesis of Grinchys, will have none of it. He goes along with the gang and plans his own little vengeance festival on the side.

The Grinch, an emotionally immature character, retaliates against the poor townfolk of Whoville. Can't blame him, remember his heart is two sizes too small after all. Can the brave Cindy Lou Who get the Grinch to change his self loathing-manic depressive-anti social- textbook case-self? Hmm...

Dr. Seuss fans will not be disappointed. Each and every Who in Whoville had that innocence we all remember so well. Not a swear word to be heard.

Naturally, Carrey Honey Baked hammed it up with his own signature rapid fire, improvosensational genius - even a quick mockimatation of director Ron Howard thrown in. His voice, a cross between Sean Connery and The Mask character was absolute perfection for Sir Grinch. A consummate comedian that can act as well as tickle various parts of....your funny bone anytime he wants.

They even gave Grinch a love interest. Mega talented Christine Baranski (singer/actress/
beauty/style maven) plays Martha, his childhood sweetheart. You may or may not know she sports a "who" nose in real life (and I am not referencing Pete Townshend here) so she didn't really need the incredible make up the rest needed to transform.

The little girl playing Cindy Lou Who, Taylor Momsen, was one of the cutest children ever cast on film. Simply precious.

Clint Howard ( Ron's brother) is adorable as the mayor's lackey.

I could go on for hours on the many incredible, whimsical, imaginative, fanciful details that brought this movie tightly together into the season's sweetest treat! Instead...go...leave now and get to the nearest theater. Call everyone you know and enjoy.

Snack recommendation: Gizzards of Whobeast, what else?

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