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Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros | Global A Go-Go
an emily blunt review (unedited since joe's passing)
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Mescalero interview w/ Emily Blunt



Bluntly speaking? Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros' Global A Go-Go, is a discombobulated masterpiece. Strummer's lyrical mind is an eclectic treasure trove of political views and perpetual bluntness, and his current bandmates just accentuate this trait with their own unique and tasty additions.

Joe's never been for the masses and some may hit the eject button after the first decidedly unique tune structures and lyrical offerings release into the speakers from Global. But, remember he's like a Jack Kerouac of song writing and, in my humble opinion, a genius.

Joe Strummer was the unofficial front man of legendary political powerhouse punker band The Clash. They went their separate ways long ago. Joe dabbled in film as both an actor and a score writer. He lended his music to soundtracks and stayed under the fans' radar.

Well he's been back with his new band of extremely talented blokes. This CD,Global A Go-Go, is actually the not their first CD, they have also produced a masterpiece called Rock Art and the X-ray Style a couple of years ago.

The first cut on Global, 'Johnny Appleseed', has dazzling riffs and Joe's signature grasping tones welcominge you to his new millennium. He's still alive and vehemently kicking some revolutionary butt. Each song resonates his views, musical stylings and thoughts that are still very much a rebel in tact. The music is truly a teamwork ensemble of minds not filled with ego but love of song. Still it's Strummer's mind that illuminates the verse you'll hear.

'Cool 'n' Out' is a catchy surreal audio sensation with smooth musical transitions by the band mates.

'Minstrel Boy', an eighteen minute instrumental with the taste of Bonnie Scottland in her, will have you lonely for your local pub.

Their 'Bummed Out City' probably expresses the world's mood presently as we all sit staring down the barrel of world war three, but even that is jumpy and oddly mind easing. The lyrics are as hard as ever to decipher with Strummer's raspy delivery...but the band's been kind enough to write them out so you don't miss one clever verbal attack or sarcasm Strummer delivers.

Strummer's music has always been very globally conscious and he's always woven traditional anthem notes through his visceral tunes. His lyrics are a kind of beat poetry mixed with an anarchist's tongue. His signature style of ranter-with a cause shines throughout and for those of us who still get teary eyed when a Clash tune is heard in the theater or diced up at some dance hall. It's so nice to se he's never lost his soul or sold out.

The rest of the band consists of Pablo Cook on percussion, former Black Grape luminary Martin Slattery on nearly anything that carries a tune, Scott Shields on bass and guitar plus old Joe friend Tymon Dogg on violin. Each a perfectionist and themselves an acclaimed musical artist not having to stand in Strummer's shadow for sure. We're lucky they all met up. Joe and The Mescaleros are a freshing mist of originality, in the sea of mediocrity out there today...musically.

How do I describe what awaits you on Global? As Joe and his bandmates say on the cd (Slattery, Shields, Cook and Dogg), in the monologue-ish track 'Bhindi Bhagee', "The music's "got a bit y' know...regga, bhangra, two-step tanga mini-cab radio, music on the go! Umm, surfbeat, backbeat, frontbeat, backseat, there's a bunch of players and and they're really letting go!"

Have an audio extravaganza, do yourself a favor and get this cd! If you see them on the road be aware there's been some band player changes...Not to worry they are tight and in the groove-perhaps even a little better with the current line-up. It's nice that a whole new generation of folks get to experience Joe, and the talent he's gathered - leave it to him to tune us in eh?

Here's the songlist:

1. Johnny Appleseed
2. Cool 'N' Out
3. Global A Go-Go
4. Bhindi Bhagee
5. Gamma Ray
6. Mega Bottle Ride
7. Shaktar Donetsk
8. Mondo Bongo
9. Bummed Out City
10. At The Border, Guy
11. Minstrel Boy
Listen to a few HERE!




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