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Even X | Angry Mirror
a radio bobo-k music cd review

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Labeled "emo hardcore", the debut CD from Even X is more a mélange of metl sounds sounds, with surprisingly intelligent and interesting lyrics. What limits this CD are production issues (the "s" whistle so much when the word "sun" is sung in Jealous that it hurt my ears -- and there are some odd effects on backing vocals of Frozen and In My Rage) and less-than-stellar sequencing of songs. But despite these issues, Even X are a throwback to some of the great industrial influenced metal acts of the mid-late 90s while sounding quite modern.

What is evident on Angry Mirror is a talented group with, dare I say, several slabs of mansteak! "Chills" (track 4) has one of those slow rhythms and deep vocals that, well, your Radio Bobo likes to get busy to. I dare you to listen to "Enemy" (track 6) without grooving along. Cuts 9-12 are also standouts on the recording.

Unfortunately as I have previously mentioned, the album suffers from bad production making many of the songs sound muddy. The album is also oddly sequenced - the first three songs sound like they could have been performed by three different bands. "Angry Man" sounds like White Zombie, "Awake" has that guttural not-quite singing/not-quite shouting vocal that many metal bands today are employing - a style which I'm not fond of, and "Let The Bitch Come" mixes a staccato rhythm, weirdly ethereal backing vocals and a half shout/half whisper lead vocals. Once you get past those three, the rest of the album flows pretty well together, and save a few songs, is quite good.

While I didn't get the meaning from reading through the lyrics (which are included in the booklet, apparently most of the songs are condemnations of organized religion and advocating leaving it behind to find the true path to enlightenment. "Let the Bitch Come Up", for example, is supposed to be likening adultery to false prophets ("Everything's been done before/Now I am craving for a whore/Have I gone to far astray/I can't make it go away") and "Chain Me Down" cautions the listener about the blindfolds that society places on us ("Uncover me I need to see/Make me believe/Set me free, oh set me free")

Get past the first few cuts and give this one a try. Despite some limitations, musically Even X is better than ¾ of the "nu metal" groups out there and worth repeated listens!

Track listing:
1. Angry Mirror
2. Awake
3. Let the Bitch Come Up
4. Chills
5. Searching
6. Enemy
7. Jealous
8. In My Rage
9. Chain Me Down
10. Frozen
11. Say Goodbye
12. Cries of Time





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