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Charlie and the Cholate factoryDanny Elfman | Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
an emily blunt soundtrack review

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Bluntly speaking? The door knocks and a brown-suit wearin' fella hands me the NEW DANNY ELFMAN score, which is attached to a Tim Burton collaboration - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! I can barely fumble off the eight-miles of security tape the cd is wound up in fast enough. It's as if the golden ticket itself lay within. And it does, musically.

As the C&tCF cd starts to blast through the impeccable sound system - the happiness broadens, birds seem to hush a bit, the bill-thoughts dissipate, and the hips start to shimmy to-and-fro, as the mind takes flight - yep, it's an Elfman score through and through.

This is Mr. Elfman's 11th meeting of the genius' with director Tim Burton. Once again the two grab a few given concepts, take a sharp left from the doldrums, squirm past expected, key into humor's darker "funner" side, and swirl off like two kids running a secret merry-go-round; Elfman takes us , with Burton, into a mergence of musical and visionary madness. But know now, Elfman adapted the films' characters' songs - the pieces on each of horrid-brat children - from Roald Dahl's own poems in the book. I think Mr. Dahl is up there grinning like a cat as I type again, musical merriment matches his story of the importance of a sense of wonder, and one's priority placements. While the kids' songs are lyrically semi-creepy, and moral impeding, as Mr. Dahl had intended, they are still stamped firmly with Elfman's maniacal signature of musical grandeur! Um-yum.

Track one, 'Wonka's Welcome Song,' is just - possibly - the most smile-inducing first track on any cd ever…da glockschpiel mit kinderland accents! This light ditty-of-delight is followed by an Amazonian tribal-like festival of beats and sounds with full-fat dollops of Elfman's crescendos of whimsy - track 2; 'Augustus Gloop' will run through your mind for hours it's so gosh darn catchy and vivaciously voluptuous. Track 3, 'Violet Beauregarde', is very layered and has a kind of funkadelic chant-backbeat…heaven. Track 4, 'Veruca Salt,' is hilarious - the lyrics about the selfish child heading toward the garbage shoot, which include refrences to new her found friends being fish heads and steak too touugh to chew, brilliantly play against the super-sweet musaky schmaltz; reminiscent of some saccharin-laced over-peppy child's show - brilliant. 'Mike Teavee,' aka track 5, is as kinetic as the spiteful little brat himself - a semi-dark and delicious crunchy musical treat - and a smidge (like a fist-o) Oingo.

The tracks then head off into Elfman's score-world…Track 6, 'The Main Titles,' are like audio heroin. Be careful when partaking not too explode from gooey joy! From here on in, Elfman musically glides us through the crevices of Wonka's world as orchestrated by this maestro's vision; cellos salute, and oboes abound! Drama and fantasy merge with exotic accents and properly placed notes jigging about the room.

This is, as expected, a masterpiece. There are 21 tracks - each as delightful as the last. Knowing fans of Elfman - what are you still doing here? Go -> Music lovers? You too must immediately partake in this tasty sensual fantastical world…you can feel the excitement of the army of musicians involved - this is fun music, technically and sounderlyishly. Having seen the film now, the music videos which play along with these remarkable strokes of notes simply ad to the pleasure-lobe experience. Enjoy, kids, enjoy. Buy it

Danny Elfman...Danny Elfman…the amazing musical ear! Danny Elfman… Danny Elfman everybody give a cheer! He's the guy with so much generosity - who's genius can't be beat! (<- buy the soundtrack and the fore-mentioned riddle will be solved)

Track List:

1. Wonka's Welcome Song
2. Augustus Gloop
3. Violet Beuregarde
4. Veruca Salt
5. Mike Teavee
6. Main Titles
7. Wonka's First Shop
8. The Indian Palace
9. Wheels in Motion
10. Charlie's Birthday Bar
11. The Golden Ticket/Factory
12. Chocolate Explorers
13. Loompa Land
14. The Boat Arrives
15. The River Cruise
16. First Candy
17. Up and Out
18. The River Cruise - Part 2
19. Charlie Declines
20. Finale
21. End Credit Suite


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