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Hans Zimmer | The Da Vinci CodeHans Zimmer | The Da Vinci Code Soundtrack
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da Vinci Film Review


Bluntly speaking? You're going to need a Hans Zimmer quality note parlayer to pull off this mega-ly anticipated film's score...and Mr. Zimmer, as usual, does not disappoint. In fact so perfectly mysterious and gothic hued are his the creshendoing masterpieces, so layered and deep are these little petit fours of sound, you almost don't even have to see the film - though I dare you not to. The notes are rich and full and otherworldly - just phenomenal. Director Ron Howard is taking on one of the most read books in the world and if his visual interpretation matches the audio created here, dear Ron shall be adding a few little gold men to his armoire of artifacts.

The first track, 'Dies Mercurii I Martius,' is punctuated with that cello of Romania styled lure. It invites you into the mystery; taking you into your imagination and you're off. The following tracks continue to inspire textured thoughts, and flowing visions intermingled with a sense of unknown - music is puppeting your senses...

When you arrive at track 5, 'Ad Arcana,' you understand why Zimmer is considered one of the world's most coveted composers. This is no dime store piano tinkler - this is a true musical master and he's not even sporting a Ben Franklinesque wig or speaking with decidedly abrupt Vs - though he is a German born chap (hmm).

Track 7 'Salvete Virgines,' which is not in the film, is itself like a kind of holy grail. It has a full chorus and chanting and immediately propels the listener towards nirvana. It's as rich as a succulently sinful full fat dessert prepared behind handcarved marble doors within a deeply hidden off-the-blueprint section of the catacombed Vatican, in a secret kitchen-of-the-elite used by the Godly garbed to cheat on sweeties during Lent. Bravo.

Track 8, Daniel's 9th Cipher,' is like a post coital release and helps you unwind from all the fury of notes via subtle layers of soft sounds and notes hover about and Martin Tillman's cello tinkles your senses.

The Da Vinci Code soundtrack is a work of art that would make demur little Mona Lisa bare teeth in a wide toothy smile. Zimmer has raised the bar. You must ad this immediately to your musical collection - even if you're not what you're friends behind your back would call a composer geek (ahem).

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