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The DR. Is In40th Anniversary Dr. Strangelove

Starring: Peter Sellers, Sterling Hayden, George C. Scott, Slim Pickins and James Earl Jones Directed/produced/co-written by Stanley Kubrick; co-written by Terry Southern and Peter George

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Bluntly speaking? Stanley Kubrick's 40-year-old satirical polital-comedy about the end of the world is especially disturbing as one ponders world events at present. Though it takes a wee bit more to set forth world destruction (at least one truly hopes) Dr. Strangelove shows how one man, a general (Sterling Hayden), who is simply a certifiable nutter obsessed with bodily fluids, and also just so happens to be in a position of extreme power, manages to set into motion the literal end of the world.

This empowered ass has his finger on the button that launches a diabolical plan into action (so-to-speak).
He finds the hearty government loopholes - loopholes you could slip a Hummer through - and meanders through the "security" procedures and protocols frightfully easily frankly.

Repeat: "It's just a movie..."

So, the "button" has been pushed, planes are on their way to Russia and the outlook is dark. It's a helluva big brouhaha brewing and it looks like it's mushroom clouds and lead-filled curtains for us all...

Or is it?

Peter Sellers stars in three roles; he is the prozacian paced U.S. President - the film is worth purchasing just for his "phone call" to the Russian president. He's also a bewildered British officer that's been shanghaied by the fore mentioned mad general - his role here is to try to reason with the madness. And the third role is really the crème de la crème of absurdity as Sellers plays Dr. Stranglove. The Dr. is a bizarre Fuehrer-lovin'-Nazi tongued/Turret's Syndrome-ish mad scientist who has a plan for the post apocalyptic super-race that will survive. Hilarious.

Thrown into the kettle of dark giggles is George C. Scott. Yes, Mr. Serious practically steals the film as a prim-proper military man who even at our darkest moment is more concerned with spying Commies, then how to stop the pilots en route to Russia to lay their bombs. George plays it super-straight edged and, thusly, may possibly make you keel from laughter.

There are about three sets in total for the whole film and the blatant model airplanes and 'Get Smart'-like underground Presidential war room are characters themselves. Dr. Stranglove once again proves a good script, proper direction in both design and execution, sprinkled with talented actors doesn't have to cost a bazillion dollars to be good, let alone become a classic.

Kubrick's biting satire is still quite remarkable, and genuinely funny - in that end-of-the-world humor so popular these dayz…

Snack recommendation: Borsht and hotdogs with peirogies and cokes.

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DVD Features:
o Available subtitles: English, French, Korean, Thai, Chinese (Simplified)
o Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 5.1), newly created from Mono (DTS 5.1), English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono), French
o "No Fighting in the War Room or: Dr. Strangelove and the Nuclear Threat": new documentary including interviews with Bob Woodward, Robert McNamara, Roger Ebert, and Spike Lee
o "Best Sellers: Peter Sellers Remembered"
o Interview with Robert S. McNamara, Secretary of Defense under President Johnson
o Collectible scrapbook with original production photos and an essay written by Roger Ebert
o Because this movie was originally shot using various aspect ratios, the proportions of the screen image will change periodically throughout the movie. This transfer (with its changing aspect ratio) was approved by director Stanley Kubrick himself
o Featurette: "The Art of Stanley Kubrick: From Short Films to Strangelove"
o Featurette: "Inside the Making of Dr. Strangelove"
o Original Split-Screen Interview with Peter Sellers and George C. Scott
o Original advertising Gallery
o Talent Files (Stanley Kubrick, Peter Sellers, George C. Scott, Sterling Hayden, Keenan Wynn, Slim Pickens and James Earl Jones)
o Number of discs: 2

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