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Drop Dead Gorgeous

Starring: Denise Richards, Kirsten Dunst, Kirstie Alley, Ellen Barkin
Directed by: Michael Patrick Jann
Written by: Lona Williams

Not since John Waters' Hairspray, has the inner workings of the lower classes been so gosh darn funny. Writer Lona Williams' characters are so life-like I think she may have title to a doublewide she ain't 'fessin' up to.

Drop Dead Gorgeous brings us to rural USA; Mount Rose, Minnesota. It's a small hick town with the usual social politics afoot. Trash vs. snobs. Good vs. Evil. Blonde vs. Brunette. Slim Jims vs. Beef Jerky.

The Leemans are thee big muck-mucks of the area. They own most of the place. They are also the sponsors of the local teenage beauty pageant. Oh, and their daughter happens to be a teenager in the sure-to-be-unbiased fore mentioned pageant. Becky (Denise "weasel browed" Richards) is the young Leeman and would be crowned beauty. Becky is, well, for lack of a better word--a bitch. Okay, a bitch squared, if truth be told. Sure she's gorgeous but, not as gorgeous as Amber Atkins (Kirsten Dunst).

Amber is the quintessential trashe-de-blanc poster child, with a network smile. Her mom, Annette (Ellen "woof woof" Barkin) is the local hairdresser with an affection for chain smoking and drinking up a mighty storm. Amber and Annette believe this pageant is the ticket outta poolokaville and into yuppieville. Especially for the bubbly Amber. Um, cause she'll be discovered or something? Yeah, cause that's what pageants do for girls. Tah!

Anyhoodlum, The contestants start to die left and right. Who could be the culprit? Hmmm. Becky Leeman? Or perhaps her mom Gladys (Kirstie "boom-boom" Alley). Gladys won her pageant in this very town seventeen years ago.

Then again it could be the pedophile John Dough, or 'tard boy, Hank Vilmes. Well, you'll see who dunnit, because you'll see this movie - that's an order.

Ellen Barkin is out of her usual suave character, and a real treat. Her close friend in the flick, Loretta, played by under rated Allison Janny, is a scene stealer! The lines are so funny you may have to see this twice just to catch them all. One of the many great points of this movie is a lot of not-in-your-face humor. Subtle things, easy to miss if you're not watching.

Notable mention is Sam McMurray, perfect as the obnoxious Mr. Lester Leeman, business man, all around dick. Well, nuff said. Buy this/rent this somehow see this and prepare to laugh out loud, a whole heap load!

Snack recommendation: Lil Smokies and Old Milwaukee in a can.





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