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Chickbabe - Adj., N. - A beautiful woman, e.g., Salma Hayek

Chickbabe Squared - Adj., N. - A beautiful, talented, strong and intelligent woman, e.g., Drew Barrymore or Mena Suvari

Clam Digger - A lesbian.

Crapfest Extravaganza - Adj. The entire production lacks a redeeming value, e.g., Dumb and Dumberer

Crapatini - Adj. The film or performance was bad.

Dingleberry - Adj. A bad actor that should never/ever be set forth on any stage/screen, e.g., Tom Green

El Purro - Expression. An exclamation of lustful respect.

EMPB - aka "emergency-movie-puke-bag," for an extremely nauseating scene, guy, gal, hair-in-your-popcorn etc. etc.

Fabtalenotecreatischteiner -Adj. Used to describe one of Em's fave composers, Jon Brion. It's an attempt to describe his singular genuis; A Fabulous, Tale, Note Creator, Castle of a Man. Also an adjective that can be used for Danny Elfman...

Filmatic Faux Pas of Poo - Adj. Scene/film that inexplicably ruins itself. For example Birth

Friggatini - Expression. Really annoying.

Frilly Fructose - Adj. A scene/film with too much "gosh-golly" sweetness within.

Hidenschnitzel der vinken - Adj., N. Act of or literally or wishing to: fornicate, or copulate, or also see: Schwankenhorst

Javierish - Adj. Handsome as Javier Bardem, Bardem being the one of many zeniths of attraction for Ms. Blunt. Use it as in "To be Javierish," or, "Diego Luna is so viciously Javierish a gal could lose her mind!"

Land of Lost Hallmark Cards - Adj. A film/scene riddled with hokey emotion/sentiment.

Landscape of Tremendous Proportions - Adj. A taller handsome man with a bit of innuendo...e.g.: Jeremy Northam

Man Heroin
- Adj. A man so handsome/talented he's become an addiction, e.g., John Cusack

- Expression. A gasp-like reaction - usually derogatory, e.g., Anger Management.

Manlyberry - A flavor with an almost maple syrup sweetness used in studmuffin descriptions, e.g., Vincent D'Onofrio is a manlyberry studmuffin of pure yum. Brad Pitt is a toasted butter smeared manlyberry studmuffin

Mansteak - Adj. An extremely handsome/doable man.

Mansteak Extravaganza - Adj. A film and or production filled with many handsome men, e.g., The Italian Job or Ocean's Eleven.

Manstew - Adj., N. A male actor that has the looks, the talent etc - the whole package, e.g., Clive Owen or Paul Bettany

On a Scale of 1 to George Clooney - Expression - George Clooney being the end all of manlyberry studmuffins for Ms. Blunt (Hunk name can be -at a whim- exchanged for example to Javier Bardem or the yummitini deJour).

Piñata of Yum
- Adj. Human perfection; tall, handsome, beautiful, talented, e.g., Benicio del Toro

Poodle-poo - Adj. It's really bad.

- V., Adj. A spin on perfection used for a great performance or physical attribute. Also: Purrfect. e.g., Chicago

Rabid Rhesus Monkey Sex - V. To go a bit frantic (sexually) on someone, e.g.,"I'd like to go rabid Rhesus monkey on Nic Cage for a few undisturbed hours."

RrrrrrrrrRrrrrrr - Expression. A knee-jerk purring reaction when in the presence of a delectable fellow, e.g.,Jim Carrey .

Schnitzeltorte - Adjective. A man not unlike a breaded, full fat portion of beefy cakes with a decidedly European flare. e.g., Ryan Gosling (who's Canadian - but you get the drift )

Studmuffin - Adj. Gorgeous man.

Studmuffin Extravaganza - Adj., N. A film/scene/production riddled with exceptional men, e.g.,The Italian Job or Ocean's Eleven.

Schwankenhorst - Adj., N. Act of or literally or wishing to: fornicate, or copulate, or also see: Hidenschnitzel der vinken

Tah - Interjection. A gasp or reaction to the unbelievable nerve of a scene/actor/production.

Treasure Chest of Yum - Adj., N. An exceptionally talented and/or beautiful/handsome actor, e.g., Orlando Bloom

Twitch (or Raising) of an Eyebrow - V. To raise an eyebrow in lustful expression...

Um - Yum - Adj. Breathless about a fellow.

Vince Vaughnish - Adj. Used to describe a tall and edible male. The purrfect example of an evil sexy male.

Wholly kitten canoodle! - Silly Dr. Seussy version of Kit and Kaboodle - the whole enchilada - etc etc. It's just fun to say and less cliche then the cliche.

Yeppo - Exclamation - Yes, it's a Marx Brothers' play on words...

Yummitini - Adj. A delectable man.

Yummitini with a twist of Lemmon
- Adj. Reserved for mansteak Kevin Spacey, YTL is a loving reference to Spacey's given studom with an accent on glorious mentor/friend/mega-talent Jack Lemmon.

Yum-o-rama - Adj. Extreme lust/love for actor/production.


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