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Domestic Disturbance

NEW Emily Blunt's Interview w/Vince Vaughn

Starring: John Travolta, Vince Vaughn, Teri Polo, Matthew O'Leary, Steve Buscemi
Directed by: Harold Becker
Rated: PG-13

Domestic Disturbance has too clever a title don't you think? Never a good sign, but still I went in with a positive attitude and was actually surprised at the quality of the film. Until the end that is, when the movie took poor Vince Vaughn and reduced him to a B rate villain with a pinch of type casting, and a whole heaping helping of that oh-so-popular bowl of nonsensical happenings stew we are continually being fed by modern movie makers. The film gave itself the " when smart people suddenly do stupid things" flu or better yet a real bad case of the "as if" syndrome real early on.

DD's story goes...Frank (John " extra-extra big tee" Travolta) is getting on with his life. His ex-wife is remarrying and his son's heading into teenage angst land. The boy, Danny, now twelve, is in and out of trouble, tiny insignificant stuff but he's managed to get a reputation as a liar and a bit of a brat. Normal middle-class stuff so far.

Frank's ex-wife and Danny's mom, Susan (Teri Polo — a recent graduate of the Nicholas Cage School of Acting motto: One Expression = All Expressions) is in love with their town's new hero, and rich guy come lately Rick (Vince - don't be sore, call Emily Blunt at 1-866-Em-Blunt- Vaughn). Rick's come to town bringing new hope to a sagging economy and a secret up his sleeve or in his file if you will. But the town sees only that he's loaded, charming, tall and, as one pubescent lily acknowledged, "he's a fox." So you know he's going psycho real soon (no pun intended).

On the day of his charming wedding to blissfully blind Susan, an old friend of Rick's pays him a visit. This friend, Ray (Steve "barracuda teeth" Buscemi) is a sneaky looking fellow, and Frank, who's also a guest at the wedding, doesn't miss the fact that Rick's none to pleased at his "old business partner" showing up...

When Frank and Susan's boy-in-perpetual-trouble Danny, (Matthew O'Leary) claims to have witnessed Rick, now his his new step dad, murder a man and dispose of his body, like it was an Arizona Diamondbacks to win bookie receipt, things are starting to get creepy.

Of course Danny runs straight to his father and the police with the news like any of us would...but remember Danny's got a bad rep in town for lying, and he's not to happy about the new BABY Rick and his mother have created...Rick's as cool as an autographed Byung-Hyun Kim ball on Ebay towards the kid and lets him know he's none to pleased with the tall tales he's been telling!

Will Frank believe his son's story, or the handsome new stranger who's just married his ex-wife theory that the boy's just angry at the world right now? What do you think...

Admittedly, Vin's a big old smit here at Blunt Review. He's super swell on the retina and like a sesame bagel that's been toasted till crisp in the broiler of love and smeared all over with rich full cream butter that's running gently down his manly torso (that and his shoulders appear to be four feet across...slurp). BUT that affection aside, the man needs to tap into his obvious talents. He's not just a handsome face and physique so hot he's banned from within a hundred yards of a ice skating rink. Maybe the key to his theatrical his future requires simply to switch agents and take only well written villains? I liked his Psycho and defend it to this day, loved Clay Pigeons, enjoyed his non-villian role in The Cell, and I'm not alone in my love of his Made and Swinger characters, but here all I can say is ... this film turns into la poo.

John Travolta is just adorable as of late; happiness and apparently, croissants, suite the lad. He's a full-figure boy now- NOT as large as say Steven Seagal (gawd forbid), but the boy's definitely "husky." He too should read the script all the way to the end, because his character got even more ridiculous than Vin's carnival brand middle-class- bad- guy- with- a- dark-and-secret- past he'll kill to protect ( a past that can be found, handy picture included, on a search engine in about three clicks...according to the screenwriter).

The young man playing Danny, Matthew O'Leary, was very good. Pass the ortho-novum, he reminded all of us what kids can really be like when you start to get all fluffy and depressed that you never spawned. I'm looking forward to his next work.

Teri Polo didn't have much here it was all about the boyz, but what she did have was delivered like a tofu taco from a North Hollywood vegan taco joint I know; flat and tasteless. Even when Teri's Susan had to kiss Vaughn's Rick she was chilly...maybe she's a clamdigger. I'm kidding. But, I didn't buy their relationship for a nano-second.

Steve Buscemi waltzed through his role and lit up the screen every time he appeared...which was too brief.

It's really the last thirty minutes that brought on that rancid Kielbasa sausage in the third draw from a month ago taste in your mouth. DD's story was well meaning. Sure, we were fed all the important bits of info like we were still infants not ready for solids, but it is a studio thriller - you don't expect Memento do you? But the filmmakers seemed to rush the end and throw in as many bad thriller movie clichés as they could muster. It's a good rental...maybe.

Snack recommendation: Cheeseburger, fries and a diet coke


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