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Dark Shadows: The Beginning

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DVD Collection 1
4-Disc includes Episodes 1- 35.
Original Airdates: June 27, 1966 - August 12, 1966
Street Date: August 28, 2007
Series ran 1966-1971


For the first time on DVD you can watch that kooky vampire Barnabas Collins and his starchy family wreak havoc on a quaint little New England town called Collinsport.

If you’ve experienced the show, then you know. For those who haven’t got a clue, this is a find. You’ve probably heard the lore of the vampire soap opera. Now you can relive the hit, one episode at a time.

MPI Home Video has included the early episodes (BBC “Before Barnabas Collins”) for its first batch. It’s filled with foreboding suspense that will have your fangs drooling and your MasterCard ready for the next batch.

They have included the show’s first 35 half hours with the premier episode — with the original commercials!

The Dark Shadows show was created by Dan Curtis. It’s this wonderfully dark soap-opera based on a Kennedy-esque family in upper Maine.

The creepy family (complete with old-school dram styles) hires a beautiful governess named Victoria (Alexandra Moltke). It turns out this gal will raise the dead. Literally.

Granted, this series introduction does not include the charming “visiting” kinfolk, Barnabas (Jonathan Frid), but it is none-the-less worth every cent. The production values are low, but the suspense levels are high. Thanks to the music, even walking up the stairs is ominous.

Two folks get off the train in Collinsport in the fisrt episode. The nanny and Burke Devlin. Devlin (the original one: Mitch Ryan) has something on Uncle Roger (Louis Edmonds). Of course it will take half a dozen episodes for us to be in on it. But that's the glory of this over-the-top series.

Dan Curtis said that the famous vampire was an after-thought. The ratings would skyrocket after every crazy supernatural cast member was introduced. So, he decided to throw a British-laced vampire into the script in 1967. Viola! A legend is born. Err, reborn.

Oh this daytime mega-hit goes for it. The family is just bizarre. There’s the nutso kid, an über-selfish fore-mention uncle, a few conniving cousins and the mansion’s widow to meet.

As the stories go on there will be a few classic monsters added for your perusal. And before you know it, the show goes off the deep end: you’ll meet a bevy of driven witches and mysterious ghosts, with lusty undertones stitched all the way through.

The show’s fashions are pure late ’60s. From the heavy eye-liner to the go-go boots, the release may just restart the Mod revolution!

Starring: Joan Bennett, Louis Edmonds, Nancy Barrett, Mitchell Ryan, Kathryn Leigh Scott, David Henesy, Joel Crothers, Mark Allen, George Mitchell, Frank Schofield, Elizabeth Wilson, Conrad Bain, Michael Currie, Jane Rose, Barnard Hughes, Joseph Julian, Katherine Bruce and Alexandra Moltke

DVD Bonuses include:

¨ New Dark Shadows Introduction with Alexandra Moltke (Victoria Winters)

¨ Dark Shadows History with Kathryn Leigh Scott (Maggie Evans).

¨ Original Network Promo.

¨ Episode 1 with the original 1966 commercials.

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