Chasing Ice
Directed by: Jeff Orlowski

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Nature photographer James Balog had an idea; What if he set up cameras around the world to ‘watch’ glaciers? After a National Geographic story, in which he did the images of climate changes, he was converted to believing something was going on in Earth’s atmosphere – and man was behind it. Like many, At first he was of the mind set that nature ebbs and flows and always has. But, in the past 100 years, post Industrial Revolution, the C02 levels man has exhaled out via machine, oil and livestock, has been a quiet devastation to the planet. But, how to share this epiphany when he himself had shrugged it off?

Show the changes. Use pretty visuals. Use the camera.

A special team called Extreme Ice Survey (EIS) gathered and went about sealing time lapse cameras and figuring out where to watch. Then months and months of planning lead to broken cameras and destroyed footage (fox and birds do odd things to devices they come across in their habitat).

More determined then ever, the team regrouped and tried again.

The result is a few brief-in-history years of activity captured; the movements then streamed together – unaltered – to show the quiet catastrophes we can not afford to ignore. These icebergs are melting quickly and dramatically.

Through pretty images the team is able to show mankind, in a way that may get through, what is going on in remote landscapes that eventually effect them. And the footage clearly tells of the Ghost of Christmas future – and he’s gonna be wearing an oxygen mask and paying $100 for a glass of clean water that the never relenting sun bakes freely because there is not Ozone protecting the creatures below…just saying.

The most beautiful and disturbing images are those of great calvings. Calving is the act of glaciers breaking off a chunk into the sea. Today, those pieces are fifteen football fields long. The graphs from climatologists and geologists show the changes in all the data. But, in Chasing Ice, the human brain, through gorgeous artful architectural images, is able to comprehend the insidious reality.

They even show the graph of those pesky “new” glaciers debaters argue as debunking pontification. But, when they show you in perspective it is jaw-dropping; 200 to something like 40,000 destroyed.

Through this years-long look at desolate places man effects without meaning to, perhaps, the facts will strike a deep chord for change. Here is the artful way to reach the naysayer. Even if you just watch for the beautiful pictures, you will wonder, “Why wouldn’t we all err on the side of the planet?”

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