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Cat in the HatDr. Seuss' Cat in the Hat

Starring: Mike Myers, Dakota Fanning, Spencer Breslin, Alec Baldwin and Sean Hayes
Directed by: Bo Welch
Rated: PG


Cat in the Hat is delightfully different and wildly off for a Dr. Seuss film. It's the wackiest adaptation I think I've ever seen! Who's it for? Not the little ones that's for sure. The crowd murmured and squirmed, while frankly, some looked like they swallowed a worm!

Be warned ye that thoughtith Universal's Grinch film stepped over the line - skip this or you may need therapy. But for the Addams Family - Beetlejuice - Monkey Bone loving lot of you? RUN to this spectacular outrageously brave kaleidoscopic colorburstating mindtripilous film! Director Bo Welch, right or wrong, wields this film like a Tim Burton excursion. Hey, the kids have goody two-shoes Nemo to play with now! Hehe.

Myers is marvelous as the seriously sinister modern day cat that comes complete with lawyers and a thousand page contract for his day of less than cordial recipes for fun! It's a small audience that will embrace this for the off beat sketch it is; after all Seuss is an institution one dare not reinterpret...not even in these chronic reality-based-single-parent-MTV-addicted-sex smart-at-twelve-electronic-snorffing days we dwell in I suppose...

This tale goes... Joan Walden (Kelly Preston) has a very important house party to throw for her boss' (Sean Hayes) real estate company. But her son (Spencer Breslin) is one of those attention deficit kids that insists that mayhem and destruction be high on his daily planner. Her charming, if anal retentive daughter (Dakota Fanning), tries to maintain - complete - control but he's quite a handful...

That is until a mysterious six foot cat (Mike Myers) - in a hat - shows up to teach the kids a thingamabob or two about how to have funaroo. He checks them out with his "Phunometer" and as he suspected one is a brat and one is just flat. With the help of his big red crate of surprises, Thing One and Thing Two enter the home and the real trouble ensues.

The whole while the "handsome" neighbor Larry (Alec Baldwin), who is hot for the mother and secretly a creepaziod squared real-life kids would need professional help over in their later years, spies and connives against the kids while working a way into the home for his own notorious schemes.

But the cat's got their backs...

Mike Myers is great purr usual. His accents and mannerism are as bizarre as ever, his timing spectacularly clever. The comments that leak outta the "cat" and the over- the-top side-snide remarks directed directly at the over eighteen crowd will have your childish side sidesplitting aloud!

Alec Baldwin is spewing and oozing a rare charm mixed with smarm, his bad guy maniacally delivering its harm. And the talented kids are great little props for the cat's fantastically fiendish feats.

If you look real close there's tons of just blatantly weird unfitting oddly engaging pieces - like a solitary elderly man adrift in the town's busy square holding a white Persian cat gazing longingly into space? Or the sudden "escape" the kids and the cat make into some underground - and unexplained - rave club?? Or an adorable Clint Howard making his mandatory Grazer cameo as Kate the caterer ??? Whhhaaaatttt? Hehehe. I looked at the kids around me and they had these confused little faces while the adults with them could hardly sit in their places.

Bluntly speaking? There's nothing from the original tale except of course Thing One and Thing Two, the Cat in his hat and the Fish...then it's an all out mind-blowing adventure trip for adults that refuse to grow up. This is so not what you expect... It's a hilarious naughty-ish thoroughly acidtrip-like interpretation of Dr. Seuss. Can't wait to see what Welch does next with his wonderpendappylicious maze of a brain. Enjoy!

Snack recommendation: KupKakes and urine-free tacos...



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