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Capote | Mychael Danna & Truman Capote
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Bluntly speaking? Truman Capote was an incredible piece of human artwork; an American original. As is this soundtrack which combines Capote himself with composer Mychael Danna's intuitive score.

Many are now revisiting this talented writer thanks to Philip Seymour Hoffman's portrayal; firstly the art-house crowd, and now thanks to The Golden Globe win, folks who thought Capote was a cactus hippies smoked may venture forth to the mega-plex…

Composer Mycheal Danna was given the duty of bringing the biopic film's music score to life. Some genius decided to combine Truman's spoken word recordings of In Cold Blood with Danna's subtle notes and viola audio bliss!

Picture if you will, Capote's verbal ballet telling his tale. When his description of fields of woe and suburban inner workings subsides, Danna picks up and guides us from the segment to the next reading.

This has been done a few times (like with Bukowski and Stemple) and I for one can not get enough. Heck, I'd have taken Hoffman reading Capote - but we didn't have to. It's like taping an Orson Welles' film and playing it in the car en route to some mundane gathering. Here it's the voice and eloquent , perfectly descriptive tone that takes your imagination away. And, the original artifact is always so much better than the replication - even though the replicator did an exquisite job (here Philip).

Run to Amazon and get this cd - it's pure nirvana on so many levels…buy it

Track Listings

Title Sample

1. Out There
2. The Village Of Holcomb
3. The Two Young Men Had Little In Common
4. Spoon Feeding
5. This Is It, This Is It, This Has To Be It
6. Holcomb Is Twelve Miles East Of The Mountain Time Zone Border
7. N.Y. Reading
8. Eight Non-Stop Passanger Trains Hurry Through Holcomb Every Twenty-Four Hours
9. If One Bird
10. It Wa Midday Deep In The Mojave Desert
11. It Was Late Afternoon
12. Perry Noticed Them First- Hitchhikers, A Boy, And An Old Man
13. At Five That Afternoon... The Long Ride Came To An End
14. Not Much Time Left
15. Dewey Had Watched Them Die
16. I Thought He Was A Very Nice Gentleman
17. Epigraph
18. Answered Prayers



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