Burzynski: Cancer is Serious Business
An Emily Blunt Review
Directed by: Eric Merola




Bluntly speaking? Burzynski is a remarkable expose on how we, as American’s have lost any control over our healthcare. Though, here we watch one doctor fight for what is right for all, we also watch a witch hunt fueled by egos, profits, and good old fashioned revenge.

We discover the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is literally paid for by the Big Pharma companies it is suppose to regulate via fees for approvals…sounds a tad conflicting huh?

And, you had to have noticed how all these “new” drugs come to market, and a year or so later a national commercial runs requesting your legal business, “If you’ve been hurt by drug ABC contact law firm…” The film reminds you the trial-to-market time for new, or reformulated, drugs is almost non existent anymore. Their packaging has pages of possible side effects and the disclosures so vast; you know they made sure you haven’t a chance of assistance towards medical copay or help if you do develop an issue. We, the public, are really now their trials and research. It’s cheaper to pay a few lawsuits than discover dangers pre-market.

Burzynski is a film that now shows you a doctor, and biochemist, who has found a cure for cancer; literally. But, cures are not management. Management is profit-producing, cures are not. Then, add to that a healthcare system whose motto is profit over people, smatter in some elephant-sized egos and what you get is an unbelievable eye-opening serving of rancid tasting truth. And, the people behind stopping the good doctor’s product have some pretty highly esteemed pedigrees; Heads of research development and places with National Institute of Cancer, NIH and the FDA.

Burzynski is a dynamic documentary on Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski. He’s a man who left Communism only to come to America and face another real sneaky underground in cahoots capitalist-driven tyranny.

Dr. Burzynski patented Antineoplasms that seem to kill cancer even in the terminal cases. But, as he is not a big pharmaceutical company the trouble starts on every level. It will be a 14 year battle...that is Herculean in its size.

The unbiased point and shoot what is going on documentary shows just how blatant how they attack the doctor, his cure, and why they are attacking. Some of the documentarian’s highlighted letters between parties to-and-fro show how firmly the feet are planted in the ground against the good doctor. The motives a combination of ego, revenge and plain old collusion that leads to denial for clinical trial of a drug that could save thousands.

One opponent of Dr. B actually goes from working for The Cancer Institute (who defunct Burzinski’s medicine) to working for the FDA in a very high postion that no doubt was bought with his pen and dismissal. The timelines are shocking. Over and over “their” tests show no good outcomes for Burzynski’s formula. The Dr.’s and non-biased, find how well it works. Hmm.

Another doctor who worked with Dr. B had the gall to not only deny the drugs abilities post agreements falling through, but to attempt to partner with a big pharmaceutical company to pattern it – and market it – in her name.

The filmmaker, Eric Merola, has included a second disc in the DVD kit, that shows much of the film's interviews extended. These edited-out-for-time pieces are as jaw-dropping as the film.

If you’ve been on the fence about how America needs to start watching lobbyists and watching the FDA who seems to let any drug pass though, buy this immediately. The film should be mandatory viewing for anyone with a disease. It may make you more hesitant to just take what your doctor says as the final word, and seek a second opinion.

Dr. Burzinski’s drama continues, but he’s getting there. They picked the wrong guy to bully – and that makes you have hope after watching the filth they’ve thrown at a pioneer.

Disc One: The Film
Disc Two: Extras
Available setup for six languages

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