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Still Foolin' 'Em: Where I've Been, Where I'm Going, and Where the Hell Are My Keys

Billy Crystal Biography
An Emily Blunt Review

Well, the title’s all wrong. This guy, Billy Crystal, isn’t fooling anyone. He is the real deal. Okay. Maybe,"I Still Got It", seemed a tad too top of the world ma poofy-headed or something.

In this audiobook of the year (!) version Crystal narrates – and audio is absolutely recommended. His emphasis on punch lines, his love-filled tones for some people, and his even-mad-sounds-like-a-nice-guy annoyances, just come through beautifully to the ear. And, the book’s essays are delivered with the comedian’s undeniable natural talent.

Basically, in SFE Crystal admits and faces being an over 60 man. Often stepping delightfully onto a borscht belt-tinged whine filled rant or two; think circa 1956. And, Billy shares his start, his many accomplishments and some ‘round the dinner table chat-style stories about the very interesting friends he’s made (and how those friendships formed) along the way.

You’ll discover Baseball is kinda big in Crystal’s life. And as his success goes on he is allowed into their world; Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Howard Cosell and Muhammad Ali. He has an Antique Roadshow find among the memories and to the listener’s delight you know Billy as ecstatic as any of us would be if we got to hang with those we admire (<- I very much know that feeling). The Dean Martin roasts are spoken of, and Orson Welles palookadom; love love him, but a palooka. Hey kids! You don't even have to read between the lines. Crystal's tone and delivery lets you know how he really felt...

If you don’t know much about Crystal, you will after this. It’s a biography after all. But, here, I mean, he reminds you – without any pomp – just how much he’s done. And he paid the dues we expect of any legend. And given so much in return for his success. Throw Momma From the Train, You Look Marvelous (his, Alrighty Then), Jody (Soap), City Slickers…and that’s about 1/50 list of those everyone sort of knows. Well, you’re in for a mind-blowing treat. He did do that! You remark, aloud, towards the device he’s telling his story out of, then sheepishly console your startled snoozing dog. You’d forgotten.

If you are already a fan of Billy Crysta, listening to SFE will just make you appreciate his body of work more. SFE will entertaing-ly remind you Billy is so much more than a great award show host and a shell for his beloved SNL characters. Crystal is absolutely up there among the few real American treasures.




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