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Big Eyes
Directed by: Tim Burton
Starring: Amy Adams, Christoph Waltz, Danny Houston and Jason Schwartzman





Bluntly Speaking? Big Eyes is not your typical Tim Burton film; that’s good and bad. By crimeney he's earned the right to expand his directing vision.

The good, is the other-than-the-leads performances, the incredible sets, clothes and wonderful, based-on-true, story of the Keanes. A couple, who in the late ‘50s, brought the world those adorable (or disturbing) big eyed waifs: you know them. And, you probably grew up with them if you’re over 40. Well kids, in them dark old days, Commies were everywhere, hamburger was 15 cents a pound (from cows that saw daylight), cars were huge, and a woman had no rights to speak of. That’s where the dreaded expression, “barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen,” comes from. Women, believe it or not, were like accruements that made and cared for children while the men folk worked and provided. Shudder.

In the Keane’s case, the woman painted unique odd children with huge descriptive eyes, and her man took all the credit. That’s not a spoiler, it’s the fact now known world-wide.

Why would a painter allow this fraud of their work? That’s what Burton explores.

This is where the bad comes in. he means well. It is just so hard to relate “now”. But, it’s a great story of eventually stepping up for one’s self and breaking social taboos. I just wish it was even more toned down; go strictly drama. Love composer Danny Elfman…but, in a couple of really un-dramatic scenes, of threats of abuse, the thundering score made it silly. It was not silly. But, with crescendo behind it, it played like a sketch show skit.

That being said, yes, see this. Show it to your daughters. Just do not expect a whimsical Tim Burton ditty. It’s a Tim Burtonesque documentary of an amazing woman and her gregarious, slithering, husband that changed the way the world (really) gets their art.



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