Alternative Movie Posters II
Matthew Chojnacki
an emily blunt review




Absolutely any movie enthusiast will devour this festive visual feast of fabulous film art. A large collection of "underground” artists are back in this second volume of big bold bouncy alternative movie poster art.

The oversized book is immediately going to take charge of your mind’s happy place. That time, imagined, or real, when movie posters taunted and teased you into wanting to see a film just by its visual seduction before you. Back when poster art was real; unlike the current trend of huge title, generic photo-image, and the bazillion credit names below.

The artists have taken well known (some obscure-ish) movies and created, in many cases, mind-blowing, provocative images that reawaken your need to see more of this reimagined age of the movie poster…and you actually can, as this is the second volume.

Its introduction, again by Matthew Chojnacki (editor), lets us know that his first marvelous volume brought a few of these artists paying art jobs from the movie studios open to going back to real movie poster art over cut and paste blasé faire!

Works from, The Third Man to The Man with the Golden Gun, Chainsaw Massacre, to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, each poster is unique; simply, sometimes subtly, often overtly, always sublime.

Each of the many featured artists give us two movie posters, and a short quip on their influences etc. The wonderful part is seeing the artistic signature of these amazing talents - their singular styles radiate off the page. The two version’s of Taxi Driver (one reprised from the cover of Alternative Movie Posters Vol. 1) are in immediate need of becoming wall adornments in fancy gilded frames.

In fact, you may want to just go ahead and get two copies of each volume, so you can snip out a few of the more coveted pieces and display as the fine pop art they are. Proudly place the other upon a traffic-area table to share with lucky friends; though perhaps you'll need curator’s white linen gloves - as this is one helluva insta-art collection.




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