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A Bug's Life

Well dear readers, as you know I always give credit where credit’s due. Disney and Pixar (Pixar famous for the Toy Stories) have topped themselves with this one! A Bug’s Life is truly an excellent display of entertaining entomology. Every child is gonna shrill with joy to these clever warm little creatures.

A masterpiece! Too bold a statement you say? No way, Jose! You’ll never pick up a can of Raid again.

Flik (the voice of Dave-Kids in The Hall-Foley) is a strange and persistent little ant. He is discontent with his drone life—he aspires to greater heights—like maybe an inch. Flik is a constant annoyance to his fellow ants; always with an original idea here, a new invention there.

How can the colony rid themselves of this trouble-making Formicidae?

Enter the evil meister, the cockroach of grasshoppers—Mr. Hopper! (The voice of Kevin
" boom-boom" Spacey.) Hopper is bad to the exoskeleton. Hopper makes the ants work, work, work to feed him and his Hells Angel-esque crew with the ants’ food supply. They’re ant bulllies. It’s not that Hopper and the boys can’t feed themselves—they’re just mean ‘cause they can be!

Poor Flik makes a faux pas and ends up toppling the food supply meant to feed Hopper! Natch, Hopper threatens death to the colony if the food supply is not restocked by the Fall deadline.A nearly inpossible feat for the colony.

Flik volunteers to search out warriors to fight the evil Hopper, rather than restock the food.The colony lets him go hoping against hope, he never returns, and scramble to replace Hopper's food supply. So, Flik ventures off Ant Island to the "outer world" and finds his "warriors". He finds them amidst a drunken brawl in one of the cutest scenes ever put on film. The warrior bugs are hence recruited.Um, there not really warriors. Flik, um, misunderstood, and the gang he ends up with are actually Vaudvillian Circus performers. You'll see.

The warriors/Circus folk are the voices of some of the best around. There’s a stick bug with the voice of David Hyde Pierce, very snobby and dramatic, Frasier guy's brother. Then we have Francis (Denis Leary), the beautiful graceful, male lady bug bent on being taken seriously as a tough guy. My favorite, though, is the rotund perpetually eating chub-o-bug Heimlick (Joe Ranft - a Pixar animator) who maneuvers himself into every position he can to satisfy his endless hunger (I get like that every month!). Excuse me while I grab a candy corn...

Disney and Pixar have struck gold in them thar celluloid! I have spent way too much on toys, dolls and bed sheets. It's an addiction I'm in therapy... Run to rent this—with or without kids!

Snack recommendation: Picnic lunch and lemonade



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