Emily BluntWho is Emily Blunt?
Are you living on Mars? No, really, 'cause I'd love to visit...how awesome would that road trip be?

Um, duh. I'm just, like, the most famous, chickbabe movie reviewer of all time in any dimension ever squared. Hehehehehe.

How old are you?
What am I a cheese?

What sign are you?
Yield to oncoming traffic...
Libra with Virgo rising - which would explain why I'm a discombobulated neat person and haphazard perfectionist.

's your favorite movie?
That, dear reader, is an impossible promulgation.

Chickbabe movie reviewer and celebrity interviewer for a multitude of hip-n-happin' publications. BluntReview.com is the mother-ship.

Do you have any hobbies?
Ogling men in movies, glass eye collecting (prefer the Laliques), and my 78 collection. It runs in da family - Grandpa had 50 violins on display in the livingroom....

What's your favorite vacation spot?
I love Clinton (aka Hell's Kitchen - know and love Rudy's) or Montmarte...

What annoys you?
The life-span of pita bread...an
d redundant conversation.

You're quite verbal. What's your education?
Julienned at Julliard. Emersed in Emerson.

What's an Emilyism?
Apparently I speak in my own vernacular.The "Emilyism" Dictionary is found here->

Emily BluntAre you married?
I always say, " It's better to be alone... than pretending you like their Yes album collection." Been there, done that...not gonna do it again...not bitter though.

What's your most embarrassing moment?
Being physically pried off Benny Del Toro's Armani draped leg at the 73rd Annual Academy Awards© springs to mind. Hey, I wouldn't have minded if there weren't photos...

Where do you live?  
What are you a stalker? Never you mind, see.

Emily Blunt and FriendDo you have a favorite food chain?
Well, it ain’t Raul's Tacos-n-Roache Burrito Bin-that's for hiddyho sure! I am pretty veggie but I do say I am a hypocrite (though never pork - had a pet pig for years, and seldom red meat - fish...I am trying).

I am a complex mixture of contradictions, with a frosty Freudian cocktail of confusion, my friends.


You breeding?
Nah not goin' there. But, I have canine kids. The joy of life, Orson, Lucy and Macbeth

What’s your favorite TV show?
Well, it was The Daily Show w/Jon Stewart, and, The Colbert Report! Argh. Nothing springs to mind.

Emily Blunt and MescalerosWho’s your favorite musical group(s)?
I like to drive to Elfman and Brion soundtracks - choreograph a canyon drive.
Dean Martin or Bobby Darin are never more than an arm's reach away. And I am also guilty of blasting Joe Strummer & Mescaleros frequently upon the pristine sound system within the abode.

More questions?
Are you slowly slipping into madness and need Emily Blunt to sign a power of attorney agreement on your large estate?
Perhaps, you've got bags of cash burning a whole in your vintage Armani suit?
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