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Emily Blunt began Blunt Review as a mission of love. Tired of mean spirited-tell-all-rag-on-everything reviews that droned on and on about the where's and what's of a film's errors and faults, she decided to accentuate the positive and ad her own little "Emilyisms." About a decade ago, she was a sensation, a phenom, a big-time reviewer. Then she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She packed up and moved to a less hectic style life. Now, she still writes - basically on good films or docs you should see. There may be a few editorial faux pas as she tries to (still) do editing (oy) herself.

Emily Blunt's reviews and interviews have also been featured in Elle Canada, Mojo London, Fashion Canada, Louder Boston, TriggerStreet.com, and Ex-Pose London. Plus, Emily's hosted a bunch of Red Carpets (some stream here). She's not the Emily Blunt, and does not own, or profit from EmilyBlunt (dot) com <- a creep runs that; neither Ms. Blunt - so be warned all ye who click.

Under her real name, Erika Bolin (IMDB link), she was a swanky producer of fine docs found on DVD for many Warner Bros. Home Video collections. Her faves - FILM NOIR: BRINGING THE DARKNESS TO LIGHT, CAGNEY and BOGART COLLECTIONS, ONE MAGNIFISCANT BIRD: THE MALTESE FALCON, GONE WITH THE WIND: THE LEGEND LIVES ON, PAUL NEWMAN COLLECTION and LA CONFIDENTIAL: SPECIAL EDITION. Today she is an MS Ambassador who writes for MS Focus Magazine and edits The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation's Movers & Shakers Advocacy Newsletter.
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